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logo redesign, the right way

06 Jan 2011

I always wondered if the biz people at Gap cynically pushed that BS logo on us a few months ago as a way to generate PR after having seen the media storm over the Tropicana packaging. Sorry Gap. I swing to American Apparel, both for t-shirts, and Helvetica-based logo. But Howard Schultz seems to speak […]

Sun Chips

30 Mar 2010

Last week I was at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. During a Q&A session, we discussed which companies can show their customers true sustainability. And while it’s not cosmetic, the example I shared was Sun Chips. Not because of their solar powered factory, but because their bags are now fully compostable.

We. Are. Alive!

16 Mar 2010

Desedo fam Jordan and Brad went out to Red Rocks and shot this gorgeous commercial for McDonald’s. They worked with Abe Froman Productions and the ad agency R+W. The song, which is quite happily stuck in my head, is by Hungry Cloud.

Super Smart?

21 Feb 2010

In 2009, Super Bowl XLIII was watched by 38.3 million women. This is the 3rd largest female audience for ANY television event since Neilsen started tracking by gender in 1991. And yet in 2010, still there are no Super Bowl ads that overtly court this massive viewership. Given advertisers’ love of eyeballs, I’m wondering why […]


17 Mar 2009

Working with consumer insights firm scenarioDNA, we produced this research project for Wal-Mart about teenagers and their relationships with brands.