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Iranian-Americans + Census

10 Mar 2010

Comedian (and former ad man) Maz Jobrani tipped us to the fact that on the upcoming Census, Iranian-Americans are asked to mark “other” on question 9 and write in Iranian or Iranian-American. He notes that the FBI does not get these forms, but asks that you let him know if you end up getting deported […]

The National: Muslim Consumers

11 Nov 2009

Abu Dhabi’s english language newspaper The National just covered the recent American Muslim Consumer Conference, drawing extensively on Michael Hastings-Black’s research and presentation.

American-Muslim Consumer Conference

29 Oct 2009

On October 31st is the first annual American-Muslim Consumer Conference. The speakers and audience will be a mix of marketers, businesses and scholars, all there to discuss this overlooked $170 Billion consumer demographic. One Hundred and Seventy Billion Dollars. That’s a lot of spending power still overlooked by most agencies and F500 companies. At Desedo, […]

Race, Ethnicty & New Media Symposium

20 Apr 2009

MHB will be presenting his American-Muslim Consumer research at the Texas A&M Race and Ethnic Studies Institute conference on April 30th.

The Huffington Post: Muslim Consumers

29 Jan 2009

Huff Po’s Business Section has picked up on MHB’s perspective about the American-Muslim consumer space.