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Agency Spy: Muslim Consumers

01 Nov 2008

Agency Spy just published an interview with MHB about the Muslim Market and brands’ engagement efforts with minority markets.

American-Muslim Identity: Advertising, Mass Media + New Media

29 Oct 2008

UPDATE: Below is the white paper I wrote for the Contemporary Muslim Consumer Cultures conference at Freie Universitat in Berlin. In Fall 09, Cambridge Scholars Publishing will include it in their book Muslim Societies in the Age of Mass Consumption and it will be available as as PDF. Excerpts from this paper and interviews relating […]

Contemporary Muslim Consumer Cultures

03 Jun 2008

MHB was just invited to speak in Berlin at the upcoming Contemporary Muslim Consumer Cultures conference. He’ll being presenting his research about how American-Muslim identity politics are linked to advertising, pop and new media. $170B demo that’s still ignored by brands + agencies. Give a shout if you wanna learn more.

MSLM & The Pirate's Dilemma

18 Mar 2008

So on the same day that I threw a rock at Vice, from Amazon arrives The Pirate’s Dilemma, a book about remix culture penned by Vice contributor Matt Mason. Love good timing. I opened the package, opened the book and was like a kid in a candy store. Here is a quick slide show that […]

Islam, Bong Hits & Advertising '08

09 Oct 2007

Brands and Ad Agencies have lately taken note of the $170 Billion purchasing power of Muslims in North America. Halal Chicken McNuggets for customers. Ikea hijabs for employees. Ramadan Sales for all? And as Madison Avenue develops campaigns for this newly acknowledged demographic, I’m curious to see if there will be nuance in the advertising. […]