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Weak Rappers Need to Step Off

03 Apr 2008
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This one is for all my XHTML/CSS heads out there: I hate to sound like a broken record on this one, but umm: …the nerd who is possessed wholly of a black American masculinity is a specific character that enjoys a renaissance today even as the hip-hop world continues to project a cartoonishly grotesque opposite. […]

Soulja Boy's Superman Subversion

09 Jan 2008
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“Crank That” content occupies 5 of the top 100 YouTube videos. Advertising and Academia have written great articles and case studies about the Soulja Boy phenomenon. Even Disney let copyrights slide to join the party. Yup, it’s a new media coup. So…the line “Superman dat (h)o!” means? It aint just some nonsensical wordplay. Last fall […]

Clutch Magazine: Black Nerds

03 Dec 2007

Clutch Magazine thinks Raafi is one of 12 Black Men to Watch. At the office, we’ve noticed him striking camera ready poses:)

Black Nerds: a reprise

01 Dec 2007

Editors Note: The below text is a follow-up to Raafi’s now-famous post about Black Nerds. ——————————————————————————— Over the past couple months I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching over exactly what the word “nerd” actually means and found myself in a sort of Potter Stewart limbo. After all, blogging about what it means […]

CBC: Black Nerds

01 Dec 2007

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation picked up on Raafi’s Black Nerds and interviewed him for Spark, their show about the intersection of technology and culture.