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Agency Spy: Black Nerds, Planning & Parties

02 Nov 2007

Agency Spy has a crush on Desedo, talking about our work, our writing and our parties. We’re all blushy, but you know we like it.

Linguistics and Codes of Cool

09 Oct 2007

In the AICP show this year there were 3 award winning spots rooted in the idea of “White Kids acting Black” 1) Adidas “3 Courts” – White kid puts on special sneakers and can hop across 3 courts better than all them jumpity black kids. 2) Smirnof “Tea Partay” – The viral sensation of Vineyard […]

Black Nerds: The Revolution No One Could Have Predicted

04 Oct 2007
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On a late weekend night, two days before the release of the much-anticipated Microsoft video game Halo 3, a group of 8-to-10 black nerds in their late teens walks down the Bowery, their conversation animated. The leader of the pack, his Ben Wallace afro in full bloom, turns to the others, “Master Chief is… the […]

Cam'ron Does HP

05 Mar 2007
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Hip-hop has been down with tech since day one. Now tech is finally getting down with hip-hop. HP did spots with Jay-Z and Pharell, but they finally went ahead and got street with it. Peep game: The guy who channels Cam in this vid has done it as well before and appears to be a […]