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Pineapple Express, A Bromantic Comedy

09 Aug 2008

The film Pineapple Express brings forth the new genre of Bromantic Comedy. How new is this term? It ain’t yet on Wikipedia. Over the last few years, Hollywood has taken male bonding to a new level of intimacy, far more sensitive than Lethal Weapon. Entourage, Superbad, 40 Year Old Virgin and the forthcoming Bromance.– all […]

John McCain in Harlem

04 Feb 2008

We interviewed Senator McCain in Harlem during a break from his New Hampshire campaign. He shared with us some strategy secrets; he’s indeed a wily codger as you can see in the video.

Checking In With Bill

13 Sep 2007
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Everybody knows the content game is where it’s at these days. The big guys, the little guys… heck, Desedo Films. So it’s nice to see Bill Murray deadpanning his way through his cameo in a moxie-produced internet-only short film. Of course Funny or Die is no ordinary internet video portal given its founders. (Love the […]