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Mischief Roof Pixxx

01 Sep 2008

For those in the know, the Mischief Roof Party was a scorcher. Ring Pops + Pixie Stix, Twister + Butternuts + more that cannot be named. And so happy fall to yall and keep your ears to the street, cause soon comes more fun. And of course thanx! to our superfriends Jerri and Laurie for […]

Pool Party Pics, wet with Mischief

19 Jun 2008

Well, we now know that swimming pools were made for Mischief. Here are some pics for the record and believe you me, there are other pics that will stay off the record. It seems that Vodka + New Yorkers + Lack of Clothing = Lots of OMFG. Zee tomfoolery continues next month, so stay close […]

VDay Redux

10 Jun 2008

Our ace fotog Sean found some dusty prints that shine more light on 7 Minutes in Heaven. Ever amazed at how black + white teases out different moods. And been thinking about how polaroids are automatically imbued with narrative heft. The lighting? The framing? The fact that its process makes us know the moment is […]

The Posse Cut

03 Jun 2008

A group photo is one of the best party favors we know. It’s also a white whale, rare to see all folks winning at the decisive moment. And so the shooter’s gotta keep saying Yeah Baby and snapping long after the subjects think they’ve got it made. From the many, you can then find the […]

Party Like a Rock Band

22 May 2008

It’s no secret that we like to throw down; one could even call it a part of our company’s culture — an ingredient of the Desedo mystique. So when we teamed up with the good folks at Oddcast and Fuel Industries to sponsor an evening of Rock Band Mischief, we knew the scores would be […]