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7 Minutes In Heaven Party Pics

21 Feb 2008

Much love to all who rocked with us on Valentine’s Day. Cupid was flying high, we saw spin-the-bottle, some closeclose dancing and heard stories the next morn that made us blush. Stay warm by thinking spring thoughts, as soon comes June Fun and more of Dr. Desedo’s Magical Mischief. —– Want more funner? Click Me!

A Hiring Lesson

16 Feb 2008

Our valentine’s day bash, Seven Minutes in Heaven, successfully in the books, the hour for reflection is upon us. Here at Desedo Films, these skinny tie times have demanded much of us and our closets (let alone our chiseled physiques), not least of which being that we have had to vacate the double Windsor in […]

Agency Spy: Black Nerds, Planning & Parties

02 Nov 2007

Agency Spy has a crush on Desedo, talking about our work, our writing and our parties. We’re all blushy, but you know we like it.

Autumn Apotheosis Pixxx

31 Oct 2007

Us Elephants had a stomping good time at last Thursday’s party, thanks to our fine friends & the Drunkness Monster. Anyone have shots of Pop Rocks or Garbage Pail Kids? Do send them our way, we’ll add them to the pixmix. The next smashing soiree will celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. A Kissing Booth? A visit […]

Face Hunting from Manchester to Köln to the NYC.

17 Oct 2007

We RSS street fashion blogs from around the world and invited the authors to our upcoming Autumn Apotheosis soiree – You never know when a Carioca or Milanese will be on a NYC jaunt. Our friends Saana & Tonic in Manchester blogged about missing the party, then the fashionistas at Les Mads in Köln read […]