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28 Mar 2010

San Francisco, 2063. A service android brand-named PIA has replaced the majority of third tier labor in the United States. Hospital nurses, hotel workers and other maintenance driven industries all use the sleek, black-clad, human-organ powered machine to supplement their human workforce…. Desedo friend Tanuj Chopra was one of 11 filmmakers to tell a story […]

Culture Lab Creative

01 Dec 2009

On December 5th, MHB will be speaking at Culture Lab Creative‘s 2010 Trends Summit in Dallas. Top on his mind right now is how men’s fashion relates to finance. In this downturn, we see it’s time to fix up, look sharp and be a grown ass man.

City Secrets

27 Oct 2009

When I first heard Jay-Z’s new song Empire State of Mind, which is a personal map of our hometown, I began to visualize the locations as data points: Stash spot @560 State. Tribeca Grill. MSG. Turns out I was not alone, as Tyler Gray of FastCompany placed Hov’s lyrics to Google Maps. Cool, novel, and […]


23 Jul 2009

As the NYT reported today, Geneneration Y’s nostalgia for the 90’s is in full swing. The article attributes this in part to 9/11 + our bad economy = young folks taking refuge in the halcyon days of youth. Agreed. But what I’m also wondering about is how the internet accelerates this process. Is the lifecycle […]

Blue Ocean?

02 Dec 2008

Both Ad Age and Huffington Post published the below essay I wrote for the forthcoming book Project 100: Marketing in the Social Media Era. The idea that online is ‘colorblind’ is now thankfully being replaced be a more intelligent discourse on the topic. No doubt, you can see more about it here at Desedo, cause […]