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Heart of the City

22 Sep 2009

What if Kanye West met Lord of the Rings…? The Story Our transmedia story Heart of the City is a narrative set in the surreal world of urban teens, rife with mischief, rabbit holes and romance. The storyworld encompasses a web series, ARGs, original products and a feature film. It all begins one hot day […]

Asian Efficiency

24 Aug 2009

One of the best books I’ve read in ’09 is Digitizing Race by Lisa Nakamura. In her essay The Social Optics of Race, she writes that the racio-visual logic of…science fiction films that depict interface use set up distinct roles for particular races, and distinct ways of conceptualizing the racialized body as informational property… [and […]

The Huffington Post: Multicultural Markets

05 Feb 2009

And now it’s a HuffPo hattrick. They just ran MHB’s essay about how brands, if they want to make money, should please take notice of the manymany interests and activities of multicultural spaces.

The Huffington Post: Meanings of Media

24 Jan 2009

Huffington Post just picked up Raafi’s Ad Age article about YouTube, Race and the bottom line.

Desedo Does DC

21 Jan 2009

How, you may ask, did team Desedo score passes to the national media pool? Well, there are trade secrets, alas, even in our open-source hearts. Look for some motion pictures of the inauguration from us soon. But we’ve also covered the event in the industry press. Here’s an article I’ve written in AdAge on diversity, […]