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Brooklyn We Go Hard

04 Dec 2008
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Love this new vid, made by Evan Roth, one of the originals from Graffiti Research Lab. And, uh, anyone else think Jay cribbed that voice-buckle from Wayne? — link from Michael Karnjanaprakorn

Ad Age: Multicultural Markets

03 Dec 2008

Ad Age published an essay by MHB about how social media will help get advertising past tired cliches when attempting to engage multicultural marktes. TBD when SMH will slowdown.

Contemporary Muslim Consumer Cultures

03 Jun 2008

MHB was just invited to speak in Berlin at the upcoming Contemporary Muslim Consumer Cultures conference. He’ll being presenting his research about how American-Muslim identity politics are linked to advertising, pop and new media. $170B demo that’s still ignored by brands + agencies. Give a shout if you wanna learn more.

All You See Is Crime in the City

18 Apr 2008

At its root, hip-hop has always mixed tech and middle-finger D.I.Y. with open-source. It’s why there are so many different “purple drank” recipes on the web and the raison d’être of the Urban Dictionary. Enter the Graffiti Research Lab — one of the more novel embodiments of all three of these things, but with the […]

PSFK: Conference Culturejamming

28 Mar 2008

(soaked up heaps of ideas at PSFK yesterday, so begins a lil loop of yawps, queries + kisses) — Earlier this month, Business Week wrote about Pepsi, Nike and other big guns subverting the ‘official’ brands of the Beijing Olympics. But could a brand hack or subversively sponsor an advertising conference? If well executed, would […]