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Conventional Thought

08 Oct 2010

Desedo-fam member and all-around mensch Paul Kamuf creates animations that challenge both the conventions of storytelling and of browser behavior. His most recent project tackles the text message — plus he even makes a cameo. Music by John Pugh of Free Blood. Sit back and enjoy the 1s and 0s.

Crookers Contest

17 Jan 2010

We’ve been getting a lot of love for our Crookers ‘Remedy’ video. And like good, young thieves we’re giving back. To be precise, we’re giving away the payphone, the VW logo and the $ chain that our lads stole in the music video. Gotta love the foolishness of youth. Like the time I broke into […]

Fader, NME & URB: Crookers

15 Jan 2010

Our Crookers music video premiered this week on NME. It’s also getting love from The Fader, URB and over 100 blogs from across the globe. Directed by Paul Kamuf, lensed by Paul Starkman, cut by Neal Usatin and with a cameo by MHB, it’s clocked over a quarter million views throughout the web.

Predator Drones

27 Jul 2009

This week in LA, Paul Kamuf’s short film Windows Vista: Predator Edition will be screening at the LA Shorts Fest and at the Topanga Film Festival. PK will be out there, so if you are too, give us a shout. Below is the film and here be some stills from the shoot.

Conventional Thought Tea

28 May 2009

Desedo resident polymath Paul Kamuf has managed, in the midst of our current goings-on, to complete a short starring one of his favorite beverages. Tea. Here’s hoping that the next time we mooch off of him, there will be some more great flavors in the cupboard. Until then, you can find the goodness here.