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Vogue: The Alice Bond Bag

02 Jul 2009

Vogue has a chat with Rachel and Biba about the Alice Bond bag.

NBC New York: The Alice Bond Bag

05 Jun 2009

NBC New York has got the scoop about the Alice Bond bag. Let the hunt begin!


31 Jan 2009

Deep in the Desedo laboratory, our caldron bubbles. Wondering about copyrights, we asked a legal friend and he said the below. Succinct and smart, so we’ll share: You can only copyright expressions and not ideas. Ideas are free, but the creative expression of ideas benefit the public so much that the government is willing to […]

PSFK: Conference Culturejamming

28 Mar 2008

(soaked up heaps of ideas at PSFK yesterday, so begins a lil loop of yawps, queries + kisses) — Earlier this month, Business Week wrote about Pepsi, Nike and other big guns subverting the ‘official’ brands of the Beijing Olympics. But could a brand hack or subversively sponsor an advertising conference? If well executed, would […]

Real Recognize Real

26 Mar 2008

As Eric Henderson and Agency Spy recently wrote, all cultures are rooted in unique codes and mores. If you are an outsider reaching in, be honest about your status, otherwise you’ll just get shook. One of my favorite examples of cultural missteps in the YouTube era is the P Diddy & Burger King collab. On […]