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03 Nov 2008

The world’s gone crazy, in that I’m misty and posting about today’s passing of Obama’s grandma. The timing is surreal, and I’ve got no religion, but I take it as a cosmic sign from on high.

The Same Page

01 Nov 2008

Many thought that Charles and Rednecks could never cast the same ballot. Change soon come. (HT to AB and TN)


29 Oct 2008

Back in primary season, Raafi mused on Ohio. Our friend Rebecca was campaigning there last weekend and reported: We were canvassing the foothills of Appalachia in Brown County. Most people lived in trailers, had strong country accents and looked just like my stereotype of Red America. As a result, when we went to knock on […]

Wassup 2008

25 Oct 2008
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After the saturation we got from these guys, I was pretty sure we wouldn’t hear from them again until some misty ad review a generation later. Turns out I was only half a generation off: With even the industry press piping about what it calls creative marketers (and squeezing a Barack Obama cover out of […]

We Care

17 Oct 2008

My cousin Dozer just told me: So there was this drunk old guy with long hair on the L train going home tonight, caterwauling to his girlfriend about how all men suck and are violent. Then he moved on to talking about how his dad and grandfather fought in WWII and WWI and “they killed […]