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Treme Type

21 Apr 2010

HBO’s new series, Treme, is David Simon’s thoughtful, measured, and consistent vision of New Orleans. Yet the credit typography misses the mark so wide that I’ve wondered if the distraction is intentional….

Hot Tub > Hangover

31 Mar 2010

…unlike, say, The Hangover, which sweetens and sentimentalizes its man-child characters — allowing them to run wild and then run home to Mommy — Hot Tub Time Machine is honest in its coarseness and pretty tough on the fellows who are the agents and objects of its satire[…]

The Heidelberg Project

09 Nov 2009

I am in Detroit. I think I have a crush on Detroit. Last night, I realized that I always fall for cities in a state of remix and change. Witnessed this in the economic rise of Mumbai, the empty spaces of Berlin, the shifting socio- cultural politics of CapeTown/Joburg. My previous life of urban planning […]


14 Apr 2009

UK fashionista fave TopShop just opened its first NYC store. Wheatpaste adverts abound. And next to some of the official ads, lurk posters that seem to poke fun at spokesmodel Kate Moss and the brand. Yet they are rather harmless and in keeping with both the brand spirit and aesthetic. So it makes me wonder […]

Swagga Juice

09 Feb 2009

One of the things we’ve been talking about recently at Desedo is the fluidity of identity. How different situations bring out different facets of one’s personality or brand and how this fluidity gives a picture in the round of a complex object. Witness Kanye West performing with Jay-Z in three acts: Hip-hop Hip-hop for adults […]