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Sexy Time

13 Jan 2009

We are pleased to announce that our dude Derek Lo aka The Big Asian has been dubbed 2009’s Sexiest Man in Advertising. Should you wanna grab his chain, he spins them records round and round every Friday night at Happy Endings. And he might be wearing a crown.

Sex For Sale

02 Dec 2008

i can’t tell you you’re oppressed without asking your opinion on it. -Fatemeh Fakhraie I’ve written before on the subject of sex and authorship and believe in the virtues of Neo Burlesque and Suicide Girls as a potential source of empowerment. Yet what still struck me in this clip from Sundance’s Pleasure For Sale is […]

Raven Riley, Moving Units

05 Oct 2008

Editors Note: There are links herein NSFW Learned from Gawker’s Fleshbot that 2.0 pornstar Raven Riley now has a website in which she is SFW and and talking about her favorite brands – like Lipton, SunChips and Tropicana. Obvs this is of her own doing, but it teases out two questions. First, I’m wondering when […]

Pineapple Express, A Bromantic Comedy

09 Aug 2008

The film Pineapple Express brings forth the new genre of Bromantic Comedy. How new is this term? It ain’t yet on Wikipedia. Over the last few years, Hollywood has taken male bonding to a new level of intimacy, far more sensitive than Lethal Weapon. Entourage, Superbad, 40 Year Old Virgin and the forthcoming Bromance.– all […]

JC Penney Speed Dressing

24 Jun 2008

So the internets are abuzz with questions about the Saatchi/Epoch Bronze Lion winner “Speed Dressing” cause JC Penney is now denying ownership of the spot. For those not yet in the know, the :60 depicts two cute teens practicing speed dressing so that they can get away with some heavy petting (greatest sex-ed term evar, […]