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If Photos Were Ice Cream

31 Jul 2007

The Raafmonster and MHB were in Harlem this morning scouting locations. We snapped our pics and moseyed down the 125. Raafi took a few bonus shots and said “I think you might need to email those to me”. And so here they are. My friend’s got a crush on Depth of Field and on Flat […]

Divided by 24

08 Jul 2007

This summer I keep meeting new photographers. They run the gamut – cell phone experimenters, studio theorists and some who rock large format. And so I’ve been looking at heaps of photos and wondering if and how our relationships with these images have changed in the digital era. Do they carry the same emotional weight […]

Independence Day

05 Jul 2007

A tip of the cap to: Brunch and BBQ. Smoothies and Bacon. 2 Skyward Bucks and Rich Medina. Monsoons and Trees.

Flash Photography

11 May 2007

Learning to shoot better is, moreover, a part of learning to see the world differently — through more analytical eyes. Which brings me to Don Imus. This will all make sense, I promise. My first reaction to the Imus comments was the kind of weary, jaded amusement that I take from everything that seems hopelessly […]

Been Places

03 May 2007

During a general meeting a couple of months ago the Desedo team discussed the possibility of filming a few shorts involving old people. A few topics were kicked around vis-à-vis our elders including dating, advice, and storytelling of course. Though no plan was decided upon, discussion of the topic concluded with the dictum, “old people […]