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Marc Jacobs hearts our GFs. (really)

21 Oct 2007

Marc Jacobs now has 3 stores on Bleecker street and makes $20 million annually on items priced under $25. And yet with this, and Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mr. MJ magically has not diluted his brand. How has MJ retained value while selling $10 wallets? Well in a world of brands cloying to be your […]

Like A Virgin

17 Sep 2007

Richard Branson’s Virgin America airline has come out of the gate as THE plane for Generation Y & Z. Not only does it have crucial features like Plugs and USB, it also has fun features like interseat IM. But what struck me most were the drawings in their Safety Instructions. Note the scruffy gent and […]

Elle Mac Stops You in Yer Tracks

10 Sep 2007
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A strong litmus test for streetscape advertising is if it can engage one of the more harried members of our species, Homo Manhattanus. They are a quick moving lot, prone to wearing blinders. It’s not that they’re brusque, but that they must filter out a constant barrage of chaos and stimuli. Breaking through this wall […]

Purple is In The Air Tonight

01 Sep 2007

Cadbury wanted to make the viewer smile. Juan Cabral wrote and directed. Note the color scheme. The nostril flare. The neck crack. And the sheer release of tension. I’d pay good money to see the agency pitch on this: Gorilla + Phil Collins + Chocolate = Happy Viral.