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Creativity: The Alice Bond Bag

10 Jun 2009

Creativity Mag knows a good thing when they see it!

The Huffington Post: Meanings of Media

24 Jan 2009

Huffington Post just picked up Raafi’s Ad Age article about YouTube, Race and the bottom line.

Ad Age: Meanings of Media

21 Jan 2009

Raafi wrote an article for Ad Age about YouTube representation and content creation – and how this dovetails with the marketplace of race, still not understood by advertising.

Sexy Time

13 Jan 2009

We are pleased to announce that our dude Derek Lo aka The Big Asian has been dubbed 2009’s Sexiest Man in Advertising. Should you wanna grab his chain, he spins them records round and round every Friday night at Happy Endings. And he might be wearing a crown.

Thinkers Needed

10 Oct 2008

We’re chairing a 2 day panel about Urban Youth Trends in the DIY era. Got a bunch of great thinkers, looking for some more. The panel is for a major brand, so your time will be well paid. If you’ve got thoughts, please drop me an email.