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So Lonely

10 Sep 2008

Our friends Michael and Johanna recently wrote great posts about the current upswing in collective loneliness. It may seem at odds with our web of connections, but with each wave of tech comes new feelings of alienation. Wondering if that’s what put the walkies in this Police video.

Contemporary Muslim Consumer Cultures

03 Jun 2008

MHB was just invited to speak in Berlin at the upcoming Contemporary Muslim Consumer Cultures conference. He’ll being presenting his research about how American-Muslim identity politics are linked to advertising, pop and new media. $170B demo that’s still ignored by brands + agencies. Give a shout if you wanna learn more.

Social Networking Wars

20 May 2008

When Facebook gets as spammy as MySpace, are people gonna migrate elsewhere? Is there an eternal greener pasture, free of clutter, amazing deals and soft porn? Could such a social network grow large and resist the urge to ad widgetry and apps? If so, it will reflect the growing trend of “more might not equal […]

Too Well Connected

08 Apr 2008

Is there a chance that our rapid rate of discovery on the web is simply too fast to be useful? The so-called web 2.0 has created many bursts of useful or at least nominally cool applications that we in turn ogle and rush to begin using. Muxtape being the flickr of the month this time […]

Soulja Boy's Superman Subversion

09 Jan 2008
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“Crank That” content occupies 5 of the top 100 YouTube videos. Advertising and Academia have written great articles and case studies about the Soulja Boy phenomenon. Even Disney let copyrights slide to join the party. Yup, it’s a new media coup. So…the line “Superman dat (h)o!” means? It aint just some nonsensical wordplay. Last fall […]