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10 Jul 2010

Great cover of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Designed by Emmet Smith and Michael Tribble.

The Voice of God

18 Mar 2010

Newsman John Facenda was the famous voice behind NFL Films for almost 20 years. It was he who could make a mundane game appear to be a battle for the ages. I just learned that it all began by chance in 1964, when John was watching football at bar and he …started to rhapsodize about […]

We. Are. Alive!

16 Mar 2010

Desedo fam Jordan and Brad went out to Red Rocks and shot this gorgeous commercial for McDonald’s. They worked with Abe Froman Productions and the ad agency R+W. The song, which is quite happily stuck in my head, is by Hungry Cloud.

V-Games : Football

13 Nov 2009

A promo we made for HBO’s True Blood season 2 with transmedia agency Campfire. Three friends toss the football around with their vampire pal.

The World According to James

01 Dec 2008

The popcorn, jokes, and testosterone zing around the room with all the patience of an electron. Across town the same scene is amplified in a crowded bar, long and skinny, the popcorn substituted with beer. In both rooms the flicker of television screens — rhythm — and the dance between sports and advertising provides the […]