The Casual Dining Club

27 Jul 2009

Applebees + Times Square =I’ve been wondering about the differences between the wildly successful casual dining restaurants.

Houlihan’s vs. Applebee’s vs. TGIFriday’s.

And so we’ve started a supperclub to find out.

The Casual Dining Club will eat its first meal this Thurday, 7pm at Applebee’s in Times Square.

You should join us – email or tweet @michaelhb to RSVP.


  1. 25 Aug 2009 Mica

    Actually, I used to frequent the happy hour at the Applebee’s a few blog north on 50th. It was advertised on the outdoor placard as ‘the best happy hour in NYC’ so of course, had to investigate. That apparently just means very cheap draft coors light. it also starts at 9am or something. Be wary of the half price apps. I’m just sayin’