The Clouds My Sofa

03 Aug 2007



For as much time as I have spent waxing on about flat, graphic compositions, vast depth is also deeply compelling. The thought crossed my mind as I flew home last weekend that sunset, as seen from above the clouds, will make a pious man out of a sinner — at least for the duration of an east-bound flight from Las Vegas. It begs mention that any non-trivial shift in perspective provokes contemplation not of the nectar that we sip daily, but of the whole fruit itself. Boom-shots!

The camera cranes up at the end of any classically structured movie. As it does, our grip on the details loosens. If the film has had any affect, we drift into the dreamy darkness of music and credits for just a second before we hear seats snap back into place and the velcro sound of sneakers on a sticky floor. In flight, this moment can glow for some time as the camera continuously cranes above the action — particularly when the drama is comprised of the sun’s final bow.

“Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.”