Vampires rock Soweto

01 Feb 2008

mix heavy
Vampire Weekend dropped it hot this week and got met with both Kisses and Bronx Cheers. Maybe it’s my preppy roots and culture, but these kids are alright with me. As one sage said: “[This is just] the inevitable graduation of privileged indie kids into their rightful social milleu. Drop the post- art-school ‘ghetto’ chic of most recent Brooklyn arrivistes and you get…this band.” VW keeps it realer than most of us 18-34 liberals in NYC, so let’s put down our snarker rifles and pull on our dancing shoes. To help us all, here’s a little mixtape I cooked up: The Garlic Press & Pestle. (Oh yeah, I’m twee like VW) It’s got that Clipse Cape Cod remix, some Soweto sounds from ’99, Biggie beats over bhangra and Roy Orbison. (you can’t hear it, but the dancehall airhorn is blasting over here)
UPDATE: Here is a new metric to study band buzz, can you spot the next Vampire?


  1. 1 Feb 2008 R

    “Republican Rock” = best description I’ve heard of Vampire Weekend…

  2. 12 Feb 2008 Jon Schwartz

    Great band, great band. Looking forward to listening to this mix. Wamp wamp, like you know I do.