Video Site Quality Comparison (youtube, motionbox blip, crackle)

24 Sep 2007

I made a “utility” movie to compare the quality of a bunch of video sites. It’s a 31 second movie that I have uploaded to a few sites. You can take a look for yourself and judge what’s best for you and your work.

It’s 31 seconds and focuses on clarity, colors, synch (obviously, only up to 30 secs) and legibility. The original was created at 640 x 480 (sq. pix), 29.97 with no compression, non-interlaced. I uploaded the original uncompressed and let the sites do any and all compression and resizing.

If you want more details, let me know. (original file, zipped up here) Also, any other sites or suggestions… let me know. So far, most of these sites do a better job than I expected!


Motionbox Crackle


  1. 25 Sep 2007 raafi

    yeah, most of the sites except for the most popular one you(tube) know who…

  2. 18 Oct 2007 modifoo

    Thanks for providing the original file as well. Great help!

  3. 13 Jan 2008 lauretta

    thanks for putting that up