Weak Rappers Need to Step Off

03 Apr 2008

This one is for all my XHTML/CSS heads out there:

I hate to sound like a broken record on this one, but umm:

…the nerd who is possessed wholly of a black American masculinity is a specific character that enjoys a renaissance today even as the hip-hop world continues to project a cartoonishly grotesque opposite.
…the proliferation of media voices and sources enabled by the internet has allowed a more nuanced and less gangster voice of young black America to emerge untempered by market concerns and sensationalism.

When I originally wrote about black nerds, much of the backlash in the comments amounted to something like this: What are you talking about!? There have been black nerds forever!!; this despite the fact that I had made the same point in the piece. And while there were enough sane comments for a decent conversation to ensue, an email exchange with one of the ranters contained this gem, “I don’t think I fully read your article the first time.” SMH.

The thrust of the piece remains vital — that because of our more democratized communication tools we are beginning to see a more accurate depiction of black america. Mainly because that media is actually being created by, ahem, black people. But all of these things are articulated more succinctly by the SEO Rapper above, whose seamless integration of the swagger required of an MC with the pedantry of the digerati is too smooth for hypertext.

Oh yeah, the industry’s onto his words on SEO and Social Media too.
Original link via startsnitching.


  1. 12 May 2008 kimberly_lee_2000@yahoo.com

    The SEO Rapper is not only excessively studious, he is also exceptionally talented. He used a popular medium to make something considered ‘nerdy’ into something fun and exciting. All props to the SEO Rapper. This guy has found a great niche. I am definitely looking forward to his next SEO rap.