Why Eldrick Rules

14 Jul 2007

Has there ever been a media personality like Eldrick Woods? And aren’t you glad no one ever started calling him T-Dub? (T-Dub on the V.O.!!!). He’s something like the fourth Chipmunk, but cocky, and a cold-blooded killer in his profession. Add to that the fact that he may be the first athlete to become a billionaire, and, like Snoop Dogg, he wears his own clothes. In fact, he might be the only man on earth who is allowed to carry around a stuffed animal — a tiger naturally.

Actually, he has someone else to carry it for him. (Yeah!)


  1. […] top photo via UvT, links added. 9m views for Tay Zonday. Props to icemanbaldy for tracking down the Theo image. I can’t believe I forgot to mention Tiger Woods (yeah, I know it’s a Caddyshack reference, but still). […]