Windell Middlebrooks

27 Jan 2009

the champagne of spokesmen.

the champagne of spokesmen.

Best. Name. Ever. The actor who plays the beer deliveryman for Miller High Life is Windell Middlebrooks. He grew up in Texas and has a BA+MFA in Theater. Wondering if it’s a stage name. I’m having name envy.

He gets mad love in Milwaukee and in a small rabbit hole of WTF!? he threw out the first pitch at a Brewers game, introduced by his real name, yet in character and costume.

Riding the wave of our brokeass economy, Miller is doing a :01 Super Bowl spot in lieu of a :30 (or so they say). A grand way to position the brand as a friend to the millions who’re feeling the pinch – and without being a cloying drag. Better still, both the scripts and acting are brilliant. And best is that the ‘outakes’ stretches long, dumping you into a Dada sandbox, which is just fine with me.

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  1. 27 Jan 2009 Gardner Swan

    High Life is my jam. 30 packs of the camo cans, baby.

  2. 27 Jan 2009 Tavist D

    Notice how the Miller logo is large and centered in order to be legible on various players at various sizes.

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  4. 28 Jan 2009 nerditry

    @gs : That’s how we roll, too. Nothing tops the Champagne at $55 a keg.

  5. 29 Jan 2009 Michael K

    I drank High Life in College because it was cheaper than soda or juice and I refused to drink water at the time.