All Bounce, No Fill

22 Sep 2008

they fly, i've seen it
I’m in Berlin, wandering the streets with a camera, hoping to see beneath the surface. Shooting in a new city always begins with contrasts of the banal, and the trick is to get past that. En route, I saw the bikes and thought of Eggleston, who shoots only one take. Resolved to do the same, and then the flash flashed back. Moved on down the road, as happy as the pixies that must be living in those reflectors.


  1. 23 Sep 2008 Johanna

    Oh, happy pixies. That reminded me of a quote I read this morning : … it was in one of those email forwards that parents send, where someone asks a bunch of children what love is and all their “clever” answers are listed. This one was great, though. Love the photo, mas gut!