Honey Smacks & Hawaiian Punch

17 Apr 2008

This Thursday morn the snarkosphere is flitting about the new Kellogg’s Street Wear line. While the campaign is corporate corny and the models chagrined, it’s not wholly off base. Streetwear has long history of rocking cartoon characters that Ad Age, Gawker & I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. But what’s truly of note is that this might be the first time that cartoon characters flipped streetstyle are not a bootleg, but coming from the F500 HQ.

Time will tell if the products sell. While waiting, click below to see how the streets are riding Pepsi.

And what I love is that it seems the men with cars took their cues from the kids with bikes
car vid via Frank 151


  1. 17 Apr 2008 Naheem Adio

    Now I’m wondering if they got those paint jobs specifically for the video … and I hope that video was not actually funded by Pepsi Co. and Kellogg …

  2. 24 Apr 2008 Johanna

    This reminded me of cereal box backpacks, have you seen this? wild.