Mischief Party Invitation

16 May 2008

most fun evar

We’ve anted up with our friends at Fuel Industries and Oddcast to start a monthly party series called Mischief. Who can resist the siren song of sex + drugs + rock + roll?
So click me to RSVP.


  1. 21 May 2008 Mai

    I will be there!

  2. […] It’s no secret that we like to throw down; one could even call it a part of our company’s culture — an ingredient of the Desedo mystique. So when we teamed up with the good folks at Oddcast and Fuel Industries to sponsor an evening of Rock Band, we knew the scores would be high and the charisma flowing (along with the Newcastle). We couldn’t have predicted, however, that by the end of the night the ladies would have frozen the fellas out from the game console. Shaking his head, our ancestral forbear Erman might have pulled at his thin beard wistfully saying, “así es la vida.” Such is life. […]