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MSNBC: The Alice Bond Bag

10 Aug 2009

MSNBC’s Your Business featured The Alice Bond Bag in an episode called Learning From the Pirates. The thesis of the piece is that businesses can use the marketplace of piracy as an asset if engaged intelligently.

Vogue: The Alice Bond Bag

02 Jul 2009

Vogue has a chat with Rachel and Biba about the Alice Bond bag.

NBC New York: The Alice Bond Bag

05 Jun 2009

NBC New York has got the scoop about the Alice Bond bag. Let the hunt begin!


14 Apr 2009

UK fashionista fave TopShop just opened its first NYC store. Wheatpaste adverts abound. And next to some of the official ads, lurk posters that seem to poke fun at spokesmodel Kate Moss and the brand. Yet they are rather harmless and in keeping with both the brand spirit and aesthetic. So it makes me wonder […]


17 Mar 2009

Working with consumer insights firm scenarioDNA, we produced this research project for Wal-Mart about teenagers and their relationships with brands.