The Alice Bond Bag

25 Aug 2009

Alice AwaitsEarlier this summer, MHB worked with fashion designer Rachel Nasvik and creative strategist Biba Milioto on a project called The Alice Bond Bag.

The challenge was: How can a small company with lovely customers and a valued product increase brand awareness?

The answer was to make a limited-edition of 96 bags and create a citywide scavenger hunt for them using the tools of social media. They were surreptitiously left in bars, bookstores and phone booths. They were sold by hotdog vendors, ice cream men and Canal Street bootleggers.

When the dust cleared 10 days after launch, the project had become a media darling: covered by 50+ blogs and followed by 1000+ people on Twitter. Mainstream outlets like NBC New York, Vogue, Nylon and MSNBC’s Your Business all took note.

Most importantly of all, it was fully embraced by Rachel’s fans – once we tweeted about the location of a bag, within 10 minutes, women were on the scene looking for it. And those who couldn’t make it, often sent boyfriends in their stead.

It increased interest and sales in Rachel’s brand, reinvigorating past connections and creating new ones.
And was some of the most fun ever had playing with social media.


  1. 27 Aug 2009 Allie

    It was definitely a brilliant idea.

  2. 3 Sep 2009 Ruben Sun

    brilliant idea, beautiful bag.