14 Apr 2009

TipTopUK fashionista fave TopShop just opened its first NYC store. Wheatpaste adverts abound. And next to some of the official ads, lurk posters that seem to poke fun at spokesmodel Kate Moss and the brand. Yet they are rather harmless and in keeping with both the brand spirit and aesthetic.
Easy on that White
So it makes me wonder if the snarky posters are in fact from the agency running the campaign. Are they creating their own point/counterpoint in an effort to further place the brand within the streetscape dialogue? Is it an effort to make TopShop look all the more fresh and that people care enough about it to talk it out? And if so, where does this fall within the rules of slang and advertising?
rocking freshdress


  1. 14 Apr 2009 Joelle

    Interesting…. I wonder if it is in fact creating a buzz campaign and if these are in fact “covert ads”, who are they targeting?

  2. 14 Apr 2009 sean

    top shop ad #fail