Urban Planning = New Media Planning

25 Feb 2008

Below is the Pecha Kucha presentation I gave at Hall & Partners about remix culture via urban planning. Before working with brands and film, I was an urban planner and did research in a raft of cities round the globe.

One thing planners have learned is that people have an innate need to remix and customize any urban system or grid that they encounter. Rules will be broken, it’s not about ‘if’, it’s ‘when & how’. See below Jason Lewis’s pics of skaters, parking garages and rollerrinks. Or take a look at HBO’s The Wire. Both engage in this dance of spatial rules and regulations…and are far better executed than my YouTubed musings.




4/6/08: Here is a great parsing of above clip’s Radiohead example in this Influx Insights post

4/12/08: More about brand malleability + Nintendo’s Wii from them smrt left coasters.


  1. 25 Feb 2008 Johanna

    ahaaa. I’ve been wanting to go to a Pecha Kucha for two years. It’s about time I did!

  2. 6 Mar 2008 Joan

    Loved this presentation! Delighted to see the current work of an IHP alum who studied cities in India, South Africa and Brazil.

  3. […] Season 4 of The Wire just dropped on DVD, so this weekend I was glued to the telly and composing armchair academic essays about the structure of this B’more world. Then I read media scholar Jason Mittel’s writing about the show, and decided best just to step aside and give him the mic. Here is some of what he’s got to say: […]

  4. […] of Mumbai, the empty spaces of Berlin, the shifting socio- cultural politics of CapeTown/Joburg. My previous life of urban planning has stuck […]

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