Why Cyclists, Despite Spandex, Are Bad Ass.

31 Jan 2007

Below, Tom Steels gets “checked” by Graeme Brown in a sprint going 60km/h.

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  1. 31 Jan 2007 raafi

    Yes, any professional athlete is more in shape that me, but I’m looking at those tights, and thinking about doping allegations, and wondering how tough those guys really are on the streets. … You know when they’re wearing jeans and off the meds.

  2. 31 Jan 2007 Michael Hastings-Black

    let us for a moment admire the fourth and final photo in the sequence. the perfect centering of the cyclist. the head tuck, prayer position as he churns toward his now crooked finish line.

  3. 8 Feb 2007 RAW DAWG

    My man, Raafi:

    Even if the doping allegations are true, that juice only helps these guys delve deeper into valleys of pain that would make your worst dental visit resemble a spa treatment. And cyclists look great in jeans, if that’s what you’re wondering.

  4. 9 Feb 2007 road rash

    Yeah, the image of competitive cycling has been tarnished over the years by one doping scandal after another. The doping cases are actually similar in numbers compared to other sports, but cycling was the first sport to take on rigorous anti-doping controls and publish test results. The controls may be damaging cycling’s image short-term, but the publications enable the sport to become cleaner. I’m sure most of these guys are living with unbelievable amounts of guilt every waking hour; surely it’ll take its toll.