Been Places

03 May 2007



During a general meeting a couple of months ago the Desedo team discussed the possibility of filming a few shorts involving old people. A few topics were kicked around vis-à-vis our elders including dating, advice, and storytelling of course. Though no plan was decided upon, discussion of the topic concluded with the dictum, “old people are good.”


  1. 8 May 2007 Golden

    Picture #1
    “The doors, the windows and the gatekeepers.” Two wise old warriors linger. Having spent several eternities lurking, guarding and protecting the paths. They stand unassuming and ready. The mirrored reflection in the one window shows your past choices, red lit so you cant go back., The future and which avenue you will take lies ahead. Maybe you choose to look inside yourself for direction. Maybe you choose to fight the guardians of time and pick a door or window. Either way a epic decision awaits you. Hiding inside a subtle sign that says 299 Pearl Street.
    Picture #2
    “Thrown away” Some of the next generation will never know the things they knew two generations before us. Some of those things we need to get rid of like racism. But there are crafts and trades and skills that we throw out everyday. Sure they will briefly enjoy a comeback as so hip “retro” thing. Or they will be sought after on ebay as a collectable. But some things cannot be sold to the highest bidder.

    Under that old purple wisteria tree an old person struggles to take back a lost art that our generation has thrown away. Amongst the bags of items is the fact that you can rub WD40 on aching joints for pain relief, how to make a home cooked meal without a microwave and the art of letter writting. The old person in the picture is struggling, fighting a loosing battle to take back the art of storytelling without pictures and hollywood special effects. Maybe just maybe they can past that along to generations to come. We have already thrown it away.