Garden Grow

07 May 2008

shadows + light

While I’m a city mouse through and through, I’ve got a wicked greenstreak. Grew up tromping about barefoot, worked for the NYC Parks department and then stepped off the grid to go farming. And then when I entered the TV game, my first two shows involved gardening and organica.


And so this spring I’ve found myself spending as much time as possible working in my backyard. And, uh, skipping industry and social events so that I could head home to prune rosebushes, transplant hostas and befriend snails.
(don’t front, you know it’s cool)

pansies is rugged

In my head, I’ve been seeing colors like Dr. Seuss.

georgia peach

So. If any of our dear readers want to bask in the glow of these here flowers, get some dirt under yer fingernails and crush a cup of wine with us, certainly send an email.

(We’re not a cult. I promise.)