Hot Tub > Hangover

31 Mar 2010

you can dance if you want to

I loved Hot Tube Time Machine. I hated The Hangover. Many critics are comparing the two, but the films are wildly different in their self-consciousness. The former knew it was stoopid while the latter thought itself clever. As A.O. Scott said in his review

The undercurrent of misogyny and homophobic panic that courses through most arrested-development, guy-centric comedies these days is certainly present here. But unlike, say, The Hangover, which sweetens and sentimentalizes its man-child characters — allowing them to run wild and then run home to Mommy — Hot Tub Time Machine is honest in its coarseness and pretty tough on the fellows who are the agents and objects of its satire.


  1. 31 Mar 2010 rafi

    Strongly Agree, 100%

  2. 2 Apr 2010 raafi

    I still don’t get The Hangover. A couple jokes were funny, sure, but as a cultural phenom it missed me. I laughed pretty much throughout HTTM.