Max Ernst, Maya Deren & Craigslist

06 Dec 2007

max-ernst-antonius-72dpi-gross.jpgAt Desedo HQ form follows function. Rather than cluttering up the space with traditional visual cues of ‘office’ – paper piles/coffee pot/telephones – we aim to keep it sleek, to make every word count. With that in mind, we purchase office furniture only as needed, and often through Mr. Craig Slist. He’s always good for a new adventure. Yesterday we got a credenza from Max Ernst’s granddaughter.


Now that the grandpapa of DaDa is in the office, and is next to a lamp bought from this smart chap, it creates a wholly unique narrative. We think of these items as a pair and relate them both to their previous owners. While staring at the credenza my mind drifted to the filmmaker Maya Deren, who wrote about how a dancer can create a new relationship between two unrelated objects by merely moving his foot. Craig Slist – the best dancer evar? 


  1. 1 May 2009 sharon s tone

    am i a twa

  2. 1 May 2009 sharon s tone

    look like you already said that !!