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A Certain Regard

19 Feb 2009

Yesterday the Times ran an interesting piece about French advertising, noting the cultural (if not legal) norms there prevent such things as the hard sell. To us money implies corruption, and moreover, because we consider ourselves the inventors of freedom, never mind if that’s not true, we still consider advertising as a kind of manipulation,” […]

Rock Thee Well

19 Mar 2008

Ed. note: corrections appended below. One doubts that the home of the Whopper would have much client base in common with the paper of record’s Sunday magazine. Yet as a matter of course both Burger King and the New York Times Magazine stand behind the same face. Let me clarify. My first mentor in design […]

The Marketplace of Ideas

04 Mar 2008

Willingly or no, every artist who throws his hat in with another set of creatives becomes a part of a marketplace of ideas. The quality of that marketplace — the quality of ideas bandied about within it — will determine how much that artist can gain from his cohort.

Max Ernst, Maya Deren & Craigslist

06 Dec 2007

At Desedo HQ form follows function. Rather than cluttering up the space with traditional visual cues of ‘office’ – paper piles/coffee pot/telephones – we aim to keep it sleek, to make every word count. With that in mind, we purchase office furniture only as needed, and often through Mr. Craig Slist. He’s always good for […]

In Red Ink

20 Aug 2007

Writing, which has been romanticized as a solitary pursuit, is often undertaken by teams in the case of filmed entertainment. There is a tug of war inherent to any collaborative process. In order for the process to work, however, neither side can be dragged through the mud pit in the middle. The collaborative process can […]