11 Jun 2008

The good people at Improv Everywhere have just launched the new site Urban Prankster. It will

…feature pranks, hacks, participatory art, flash mobs, and other creative endeavors that take place in public places in cities across the world. If someone does something awesome in the public space, we plan to cover it.

So we’re talking Ikea Dinner Parties, Subway Living Rooms and meta-Protests. Love that. This site is also part of our event capturing zeitgeist. Equally important to the actual is the act of recording + sharing the event. The wedding photographer has supplanted the minister. And even more important than the ‘official’ wedding shooter are the pics from the 25 friends who had digital cameras at the event.

Within the space of brands/adverts, we’ve reached new ground in the past 3 years. The micro, if well executed (the actual, the recording, the distribution), can become macro. Next up is the race to see how this morphs and plays in the mobile space. And I think that events like those we see on Urban Prankster, combined with Big Game/MMO/ARG strategies, is where we’re going.


  1. 11 Jun 2008 nerditry

    What are your thoughts on the shelf life of micro events as compared to macro? I think we’ve seen a lot of micro events where people then tried to capitalize on the fame (like the crying Britney guy from Youtube), but didn’t have the cache that macro does.

    I guess is there profitability from micro events becomes a variation question. Not just financially, but in building upward momentum.

    Are hyper-fads the new fads, themselves?