Stuff White People Like (and don't)

21 Mar 2008

aadl024larry-bird-posters.jpg Christian Lander, EIC of the blog Stuff White People Like, just inked a book deal for 325K. While the blogosphere has been ripe with race-based blogs for a while, this might be the first of its kind to go from pixel to print. I’m now curious to see the tone of future white-scribed humor blogs that touch on racial politics and poetics.


Of note is that SWPL, and its progenitor Black People Love Us, are both racially self-immolating. Based in the concept of white folks being goofy and absurdly unaware that ‘others’ are equals, not exotics, this brand of humor doesn’t spit fire beyond the white man in the mirror.


Historically, white (liberal) comic commentary has avoided other races, while on the flipside comics of color use greater narrative freedom in speaking their mind. One root of this is simply in our nation’s power structure – white people get to run the country and so everyone else can have comedy & cool. Now does this rubric change if Obama becomes president? Will white folks then feel a new sense of comic and cultural freedom, so that next time someone says “Larry Bird is overrated”, they’ll retort with ease “Yeah, well so is Antwone Fisher.”

(black people love this movie)


  1. […] smrtgrl Kathryn Hunt and I were talking about the newnew blog Postcards From Yo Momma – could it be the next Stuff White People Like? Maybe not, as a friend of Kathryn’s declared Momma passe….after two days, an ohso New York thing to do. We might be the fastest moving creatures on earth, but does this always lead to innovation? Pre-2.0, part of being a New Yorker was about knowing secrets. In the era of Flavorpill, Thrillist, etc.. anyone can paratroop into town and dial into what was once clandestine. The counterpunch to this is a spike in secret clubs/bars – Milk+Honey, The Back Room, Old Rabbit Club – and guerilla dining units. Yet their currency is one of quick cool, not really innovative culture. Is our fairtown flatlining or just us types? Or is this question passe? […]

  2. 30 Mar 2008 Kim

    The site has gotten a little lame since his book deal. Good thing there are a few decent knockoffs.