Your Copywriter is Garbage

15 Jul 2008


While I’ve always enjoyed the department of sanitation’s nickname, New York’s Strongest, and look for every opportunity to refer to the workers as San-Men, I’ve never quite gotten cozy with the department itself. Spending these couple months in New Orleans has changed my appreciation of the field. Outside of the tourist areas of the city, it seems like every third vehicle on the road is a pickup truck hauling debris and rusted nails; dumpsters are a common sight too. Garbage disposal, like construction and, um, bars, is one of the most visible industries in the city.

Unlike most places I’ve lived where garbage is collected by the city, in New Orleans it is a competitive business. As a subletter, I’ve no say in the matter of my own duplex, or even an idea how the contract is structured. But it has been curious to see how the various companies position themselves.

Dumpster Guys
At Your Disposal

Garbage disposal is probably among the last businesses that I would consider ripe for whimsical contortions of the language. But that was before I became aware of River Parish Disposal, aka the biggest, meanest, garbage-eatin’ gator in town. Tagline: Our business stinks, but it’s picking up! Here’s another quote from the “Let’s talk trash” section of the website:

River Parish Disposal has been servicing the Greater New Orleans area for over 20 years. So it’s safe to say, we know where your garbage bin.

I don’t want to spoil the fun, so do check out the Gator Services section of the website yourself. It is safe to say that I would rip up my contract faster than you can say “Brett Favre” if I could have the honor of the “swamp-eater” picking up my bins every Tuesday.

River Parish