Elle Mac Stops You in Yer Tracks

10 Sep 2007

A strong litmus test for streetscape advertising is if it can engage one of the more harried members of our species, Homo Manhattanus. They are a quick moving lot, prone to wearing blinders. It’s not that they’re brusque, but that they must filter out a constant barrage of chaos and stimuli. Breaking through this wall is difficult for advertisers, but Free Set’s new work for Elle MacPherson Intimates is successful. It not only surprises the man on the street, it allows him/her to control the media flow of information, a rare opportunity in the NYC.

HT @ Scott Goodson at Strawberry Frog.


  1. […] I can’t take credit for this as it came from one of our commenters on Sean’s Elle MacPherson Intimates post below.  But it needs to be shared for its utter awesomeness.  I think it’s been a long time since I’ve seen an ad, or any type of branded communication, that made me say "wow" out loud.  This one did, even if just for the technology. […]