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27 Apr 2010

Brands as content curators?

Big Red

09 Apr 2010

Account loss aside, McCann’s Verizon Big Red spot is brilliant. Their maps vs apps battle with AT&T is tiresome, and this spot charts a new path. But of course, there’s more. This spot comes out of the gate with traction, it calls on a collective cultural memory and is thus all the more sticky. It’s […]

Sun Chips

30 Mar 2010

Last week I was at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. During a Q&A session, we discussed which companies can show their customers true sustainability. And while it’s not cosmetic, the example I shared was Sun Chips. Not because of their solar powered factory, but because their bags are now fully compostable.

Agency Spy: Muslim Consumers

01 Nov 2008

Agency Spy just published an interview with MHB about the Muslim Market and brands’ engagement efforts with minority markets.

Marlo Stanfield, Brand Manager

11 Mar 2008
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Be ye a CEO of the Corner or the corner office, you’ve gotta know what those on the street are saying about your brand. — related posts: Social Structure of The Wire