Nike and Transformers

19 Jun 2007

ss_shockblast053.jpgMy parents recently turned my old bedroom into a study, so down in DC this weekend I sifted through boxes of youth. I found cutouts of early 90’s Nike ads featuring athletes like Jerry Rice and Nolan Ryan talking about overcoming adversity to acheive goals.

Bench press your weight.
Master a 3rd language.
Call Her.

As a kid, I had stuck them on my walls for inspiration to better my sports game and likely life in general. I broke several bones along the way, but never made the starting lineup. No worries, I persevered and now run with first-team. Staring at those ads in my parents’ leafy neighborhood, I thought about a recent story by writer Dallas Penn. To get focused and redouble your efforts, check out his piece about ScatterBlast. Then head outside and call winners on the toughest court.

(Just Do It)