On To The Next One

11 Mar 2010


Jay-Z’s video for On To The Next One is brilliant. It feels controlled yet crazy. It times image to sound perfectly. And, it has Community‘s Joel McHale playing The Joker. When describing the video from script to screen, director Sam Brown said:

I’m aware that as I’m shooting the images are getting darker and odder. Jay and his people came and went so they haven’t seen anything else. I wonder what the hell they’re going to think of it all. Whenever I’ve been given a big opportunity I’ve tried to be a bit reckless with it, to take chances. It’s very rare that this doesn’t pay off in some way. Playing things safe never gets you anywhere.


  1. 11 Mar 2010 Gitamba Saila-Ngita

    I didn’t know that was Joel McHale?! So dope, Community’s steeze is out of control.

  2. 11 Mar 2010 MHB

    yeah not only is Community hilarious, but it has prolly the most deft discourse I’ve ever seen in the mainstream.