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Downtown / Connect

11 Oct 2011

It only took us five months since shooting… but we got it done. Here’s the video for Thaddeus Clark’s Downtown/Connect. The (banging) song is available for download at Special shots to my editor Jay Morales who slogged through many weekends and evenings to help bring this to the light of day.

On To The Next One

11 Mar 2010

Jay-Z’s video for On To The Next One is brilliant. It feels controlled yet crazy. It times image to sound perfectly. And, it has Community‘s Joel McHale playing The Joker. When describing the video from script to screen, director Sam Brown said: I’m aware that as I’m shooting the images are getting darker and odder. […]

Crookers Contest

17 Jan 2010

We’ve been getting a lot of love for our Crookers ‘Remedy’ video. And like good, young thieves we’re giving back. To be precise, we’re giving away the payphone, the VW logo and the $ chain that our lads stole in the music video. Gotta love the foolishness of youth. Like the time I broke into […]

Fader, NME & URB: Crookers

15 Jan 2010

Our Crookers music video premiered this week on NME. It’s also getting love from The Fader, URB and over 100 blogs from across the globe. Directed by Paul Kamuf, lensed by Paul Starkman, cut by Neal Usatin and with a cameo by MHB, it’s clocked over a quarter million views throughout the web.

On GaGa

11 Jan 2010

In 2009, mass culture became transfixed with Lady GaGa. More than 100 videos about her have +1,000,000 YouTube views and every publication has spilled ink about her. I watched the Bad Romance video and fell under her spell. And so, wanting to understand more, I asked 3 smart people what they find compelling about GaGa. […]