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On To The Next One

11 Mar 2010

Jay-Z’s video for On To The Next One is brilliant. It feels controlled yet crazy. It times image to sound perfectly. And, it has Community‘s Joel McHale playing The Joker. When describing the video from script to screen, director Sam Brown said: I’m aware that as I’m shooting the images are getting darker and odder. […]

City Secrets

27 Oct 2009

When I first heard Jay-Z’s new song Empire State of Mind, which is a personal map of our hometown, I began to visualize the locations as data points: Stash spot @560 State. Tribeca Grill. MSG. Turns out I was not alone, as Tyler Gray of FastCompany placed Hov’s lyrics to Google Maps. Cool, novel, and […]

Swagga Juice

09 Feb 2009

One of the things we’ve been talking about recently at Desedo is the fluidity of identity. How different situations bring out different facets of one’s personality or brand and how this fluidity gives a picture in the round of a complex object. Witness Kanye West performing with Jay-Z in three acts: Hip-hop Hip-hop for adults […]

Brooklyn We Go Hard

04 Dec 2008
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Love this new vid, made by Evan Roth, one of the originals from Graffiti Research Lab. And, uh, anyone else think Jay cribbed that voice-buckle from Wayne? — link from Michael Karnjanaprakorn

Colors of the Business

09 Jul 2008

Another day, another NYC Commission on Human Rights hearing on diversity in Advertising — this one good for a couple dozen attendees. The fact that this issue is more than forty years old seems at this point to be a non-starter for everyone involved, not least of whom being the agencies themselves. That an issue […]